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Since the 80's HRVAC has designed and supervised the construction of some of the first and largest SOLAR FARMS for the purpose of heating in large campuses in the southern part of the country. Turning to the Photo Voltaic technology was but natural.

The latest incentive program of the Israeli Electric Company has initiated the pioneer company of HRVAC group – VisionAir.

As for this - In the Solar field VisionAir decided to act as a Solar Entrepreneur – bringing with it the know-how and the finance.

Our high professional-integrity kept over decades, enables HRVAC to network and find our synergetic partnerships.

Our partners today are real estate owners seeking to utilize their roofs for the installation of a Solar Photo Voltaic System.

In a typical agreement VisionAir leases the roof, manages the whole project and finances it and our partner participates as the renter only, or as a partner in the investment.

VisionAir is seeking additional roofs and lands to implement its Solar Systems on. To cooperate with us please contact .



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